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School Stories Update

Another amazing update on the Extraordinary Acts for H20. Our teammates at D'Arcy McGee/Symmes in Gatineau Qc hosted an all-night ball hockey tourney to raise funds for Ryan's Well. See photos and story below, sent by school contact Adriana Rossi.

"Our D'Arcy McGee/Symmes (Quebec) ALL NIGHT Ball hockey tourney was a great success!!! The kids were so pumped...boy, do they like hockey! Proud to be a Canadian! We had prizes & music. The kids didn't actually catch any winks at all. My principal left at 10 pm with the keys to the lights for the cafeteria where all the students were sleeping so they had to sleep with the lights on all night. They couldn't wake up for the playoffs!!!! Imagine that! So we just played for fun in the a.m. while others slept. The best part of it all was to see my staff who are the best people ever and the kids who you would never have expected to come out, join in just to have fun. What an event to make people come together! This definitely turned out to be an annual thing at our school. We are thrilled to be part of the bigger picture and to be making a difference. Now I need sleep!!!"
  • D'Arcy McGee/Symmes Ball Hockey Tourney

  • D'Arcy McGee/Symmes Ball Hockey Tourney

  • D'Arcy McGee/Symmes: Ryan's Well Banner

  • D'Arcy McGee/Symmes: Using i2P Website

See more stories and photos.

Tuesday February 23 2010 :: posted by Nick Gravel
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