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i2P Education - Sahara Desert Tunisia

Sahara Desert

An amazing trip! I write sitting on a dune as the sand of the Sahara forms a fine dust on my computer.

Kajsa, Conner, Andy, Jill and the team have been running extremely well. A total of 230 km as of this evening. Once we set up camp for the night we have been talking about water issues as we eat supper. Last night we discussed how people around the world find water (see module 10). Mohamed Ixa, one of our team members from Niger explained that in his country there are individuals that have the power to divine or find water. This power is handed down through the paternal line, from father to son. Arida, one of out Tunisian expedition members who is a nomad explained that his people enlist the wisdom of animals to find water. They follow camel tracks to sources of water. He explained that camels can “smell” water. Often the camels lead them to a dry river bed were the can of dig down into the soil to find water, sometimes just a few feet down, sometimes 30 meters deep.

Tonight we will discuss why water is essential to life as we eat our wonderful Tunisian food.

Friday April 23 2010 :: posted by Ewan Affleck
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