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Day 7 - We reached our original goal

The running today was pretty tough. We ran over unvarying terrain: small sand dunes with grasses interspersed, flat as a pancake except for the dunes. It was quite hot and the footing was difficult so we didn't really talk at all for the first 25 km because we were so tired. We did, however, find a lizard that was about 2 feet long, and we saw a camel spider.

Today we reached our original goal of running 250 km in the Sahara Desert! For lunch we had a potato and vegetable salad instead of our normal tuna and tomato sandwiches, so that was a nice change-up. Kajsa's knee was really bothering her and we didn't want her to really hurt herself... and I think all of us were glad to be done early. We realized how dirty we are today, with Jill's hair turning into dreadlocks from the filth and everyone looking forward to the prospect of getting the sand off of our bodies via a shower tomorrow night. The guys are excited for a shave with a straight razor when we get to Tunis, and the gals are ready to get rid of their manly armpit and leg hair.

Tomorrow we're planning a celebratory short run of around 12 km to bring our total to 275 km. Following our run tomorrow we're going to relax in the city of underground houses, Matmata, where the bar from Star Wars and the inside of Luke Skywalker's childhood home supposedly are. It'll be nice to get a chance to check out the culture of Tunisia rather than just the sand.

- Andrew Dilla

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Saturday April 24 2010 :: posted by Andy Dilla
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