Uses of Salt

Salt as we have already seen has been critical in life and civilizations, but why is this mineral so much more critical to life then other minerals found around the world? It is estimated that there are more then 14,000 different uses for salt! I am sure that if you ask your mother, father, or grandparents they will have many of their own uses for salt outside of just adding to food to enhance the flavor.

As in the previous articles I will break down these topics into subcategories since there are so many different uses for salt. Furthermore, I will only highlight a few different uses since I donʼt think anyone will have the time to read 14,000 different uses of this great mineral!


We are all familiar with using salt while cooking. Salt is primarily used to enhance the flavor of various dishes and to aid in bringing out other flavors and textures (ie salt will make chocolate taste sweeter which is why you find salt in many baking dishes). Furthermore, salt in culinary history was used to preserve meats. Since ancient societies lacked modern refrigeration the best means to keep fish and meats was by salting them. This would inhibit microbial growth.


Salt used in cleaning is not only cheaper and more efficient, but also great for the environment and overall personal health since you are limiting your exposure to chemicals. Here are some ways that salt can be used in cleaning (I would suggest taking over the cleaning duties at home for the weekend, your parents will be grateful and you can teach them how salt can clean the house!)


Salt is essential for overall health. It is a mineral that is needed to maintain our bodyʼs electrolyte balance and chemical responses within our cells. Without salt we would not survive. However, it is maintaining a proper balance of sodium intake that many people are concerned about. We frequently hear about high blood pressure being associated with high sodium intake - as an aside sodium and salt are two separate entities - but, we donʼt hear much about the positive benefits of salt in our health. Here are a few different ways that salt can be used in aiding in our health.


There are many uses for salt as is noted above with the outrageously long list, but here are some fun random uses for salt!