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This second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series will be modeled on the same platform as the highly celebrated 2009 Baffin Island Youth Expedition, but in a dramatically contrasting locale - the northern Sahara Desert in Tunisia. On the heels of the Siberian Express for Water Expedition, in April 2010, four Youth Ambassadors have been selected to join Ray Zahab, along with fellow i2P ambassadors and adventurers, in this homage to 'Running the Sahara'. Youth ambassadors will run for up to 8 days - and a total of 250 kms - through searing heat and massive sand dunes in a quest to cross the country, while pushing their own physical and mental limitations.

Located in the mysterious and legendary region of North Africa, Tunisia is rich not only in culture and history, but also has remote expanses of Saharan sands within its borders. This will be a unique experience for students across North America to engage in, and learn about, one of the planet's most critical social and environmental issues - access to safe, clean, drinking water. The Baffin Island Youth Expedition had young adventurers trekking among glaciers containing millions of liters of water, while Running Tunisia will take them to a region known for annual droughts and a lack of clean drinking water. For some, especially the nomadic peoples of the Sahara, the daily struggle for water can mean the difference between life and death.

As part of the impossible2Possible Twenty10 H2O Initiative, the expedition will be preceded by an engaging challenge for schools in Canada and the U.S.A to raise awareness and funding for water-specific projects in Africa. Funds raised by the campaign will go directly to GivingWater.org in the USA, and Ryan's Well Foundation in Canada. Both organizations are well respected and leaders in the fight for clean water in developing countries around the globe. The i2P Extraordinary Acts program will see schools from Canada and the United States help fund the construction of two clean drinking water projects! This initiative will be a critical part of the Running Tunisia website, which will feature a social networking platform where students will be able to check progress, communicate with fellow students, blog, see the people & communities they are helping, and much more!

Accompanying these expeditions will be the "i2P Experiential Learning Program". This advanced education resource program will span the preparation and execution of two world class expeditions, giving students access like never before through live streaming video reports from the field. This unparalleled access will enable students to see what it takes to prepare mentally and physically to push beyond our perceived limits. Starting in January and lasting until May, i2P will transport students across North America directly to the other side of the world! The interactive program is designed as a two-way street of communication from the classroom to the expedition, and likewise from the expedition to the classroom. Students will engage in not only an educational experience, but also discover what life is like for cultures on the other side of the world living without the luxury of turning on the faucet. Participating classes will get an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered either through email or live streaming video! A major element of the education resource program is a challenge to students across North America to fundraise for two clean drinking water projects in Africa. All funding will go to Ryan's Well Foundation (www.ryanswell.ca) and www.GivingWater.org two well-respected organizations in the fight to deliver clean drinking water to those without.

The i2P education resource program - which has been touted by Apple Distinguished Educators as truly, "21st century learning," and "ground breaking" - will be taken a step further with the introduction of live, streaming video. Once again, Youth Ambassadors will communicate directly with their peers, and will facilitate interaction between students in North America and Desert nomads! i2P's Education Coordinator, Dr. Ewan Affleck will team up with educators, scientists, and advisors to create captivating educational modules that will bring everyone alongside the expedition team as they cross some of the harshest terrain on Earth.

Q/A Open to everyone

In this i2P expedition we are opening up for questions from EVERYONE! Want to know how the i2P team is feeling? Want to know what the team is eating? What is it like to run across the sands of the Sahara?

Now is your chance! Submit your questions and have the i2P expedition team answer them from Tunisia! The expedition begins April 16th 2010.