Student Q&A: Bonus Part 2

student q/a
Q: "Hi Ray, I don't know if you remember me, i spoke with you when you came to our environmental conference Green vs Greed and i spoke to you about my fundraising for Malaria. I was just wondering when you would be coming back to Montreal to speak because your presentation was very inspirational and i'm very interested in what you have been doing, although i don't have the physical capabilities to actually do a run haha! I hope you will be having some sort of conference back here soon!" - Myriam, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "How could I forget such an inspiring student with so much passion and focus. I hope to return to Montreal following our Siberian Express for Water Expedition! I can't wait to share the experience with you." - Ray

Q: "Would you do the expedition all over again if you had the chance?" - Anna, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Absolutely! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life." - Ray

Q: "What are some of the challenges you faced during this expedition? Would you recommend it for other students?" - Andrea, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Some of the challenges I faced were carrying the heavy backpack and being away from my daughter Mia. The Baffin Island Expedition was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it for other students." - Kathy

Student Q&A: Bonus Part 1

student q/a
Q: "Dear Jen, What motivated you to join this expedition? Was it a worthwhile experience?" - Sabrina, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Being involved with i2P has added purpose to the goals that I have personally set for myself. It is important for me to support initiatives that I believe in, that will educate and inspire others to make positive changes within their surrounding communities and to encourage others to set goals and reach beyond what they may have thought was possible. We all have it in us to reach a little higher, it's just a matter of "doing." Having the opportunity to work with several outstanding youth ambassadors who embraced the challenge before them was extremely inspiring. To say the journey was incredible would be an understatement. Our ambassadors left the expedition with a whole new set of goals and I enjoy the constant communication and support that I am able to continue to to provide them with. Just as I have had great role models and mentors in my life, I want to be that for others and especially for other females. I know how the power of adventure can positively influence our lives and the lives of others. i2P encourages this concept in such a dynamic and unique way." - Jen

Q: "Why did you decide to take part in the expedition? Do you regret your decision? Or was this an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? If it did, how did it change your life?" - Mia, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Hey Mia! I applied for this expedition because I am passionate about the values of i2P, especially the empowering youth part. I figured that being exposed to the outstanding individuals involved with the i2P organization, from the world-renowned athletes and adventurers to my extraordinary youth counterparts, would be the opportunity of a lifetime for what I hoped would inspire me to make a difference in other people's lives. The trip definitely didn't disappoint! It was the experience of a lifetime and has me all fired up to inspire a new generation of youth." - Thomsen

Q: "What were some of the mental challenges you encountered while on the expedition? Would you go on another expedition?" - Amanda, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Going into the expedition I had the mindset of "no matter how hard it is- just do it." While we were trekking I found myself thinking about the pain and about the arduous nature of the hikes somewhat frequently. I had to catch myself, mid thought, and tell myself "it's okay to not feel well, your body is fighting against the elements, just endure as long as possible." Another main thought that I tried to keep up front and center at all times was "I am part of a team, and as a team member it is my responsibility to maintain myself not only physically, but mentally." At that point I was focusing on recognizing that it wasn't about me- it was about the team and that greatly helped me push myself farther than I ever thought I could accomplish. It also helped me tremendously to keep a positive outlook on everything that happened. Like when the pain was great I would tell myself that I wasn't going to let my body tell me where to stop- I was going to decide when and where that occurred.

I would, with no doubt in my mind, go on another expedition. To be honest I would have stayed for another couple months on Baffin if it was possible! I loved the experience and I felt that even though I was frequently pushed mentally, that the overall process was necessary and beneficial. I learned so much from the expedition. I learned a lot about myself- about how my mind works, what makes me tick, and how I analyze obstacles put before me. Everyday I wake up and look at the pictures of me in the arctic and tell myself I will be back; no matter what it takes I want to return. "
- Amanda

Q: "Hello Bob. How is the expedition team incorporating the Impossible2Possible water-promoting initiatives in Baffin Island? Was the purpose of the trip to build a well/water structure, or was this expedition mostly to raise awareness?" - Sofia, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Hi Sofia,

Thank you so much for your question! The Baffin Island expedition was meant to raise awareness regarding the history of the island and more specifically the Akshayuk Pass (which is the route we traveled), the culture and history of the Inuit, how climate change is affecting the arctic, food sources in the region, Polar Bears, and a few other topics that were covered in the education modules during our journey. All of the education modules can be found at the following link: We also wanted you to follow the journey of our Youth Ambassadors as they pushed beyond their physical and mental limits during this challenging trek through the Arctic.

I am also really happy that you mentioned water initiatives!!!! Water was not the focus of The Baffin Island expedition but it will be at the center of our efforts in 2010! i2P is challenging students in Canada and students in the USA to not only raise awareness but also raise funding for specific clean drinking water projects in Africa. Students in Canada will be working with the Ryan�s Well Foundation and students in the USA will be working with We are putting together final details so make sure you stay tuned to the website for more information. We hope you and your fellow classmates at The Study will join us in our effort to complete the water projects.

We will have two expeditions accompanying the challenge and the first will be in Siberia on the amazing Lake Baikal, The largest body fresh water in the world! The second expedition has yet to be announced, but I will give you a few hints: we are going from a place with the most fresh water on the planet (Lake Baikal) to a place with very little fresh water and leading the way will be a team of youth ambassadors running approximately 25 to 40 km per day for about 10 days. These youth Ambassadors will once again achieve what others say is impossible!!! "
- Bob

Q: "Why did you decide to take part in the expedition? Do you regret your decision? Or was this an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? If it did, how did it change your life?" - Sophie, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Thank you Sophie,

You are very right. Medical resources in remote places are very limited. I have spent almost 20 years working as a physician in the Canadian Arctic and have found myself in worrisome situations in remote places with limited resources. Often this results in urgent medical evacuation of people from the remote place by air. Air medevacs in remote places, particularly in bad weather can be very challenging.

Certainly young people could be very helpful in a medical emergency that might occur in the Akshayuk Pass. An emergency in the Pass would frequently entail hypothermia (extreme body cold), or a fracture from a fall. In these situations the assistance of all team members - including young people is important, particularly to keep the injured or sick person calm, build a fire, getting blankets or warm dry clothing, making sure the patient has enough fluid to drink or other such activities. Certainly being prepared and having first aid knowledge (a first aid course) would help. I hope this answers your question.

It is great hearing from the Study. I grew up in Montreal and walked past the Study every day on my way to school! "
- Ewan

Wrap up Blog

student q/a
Ray and Bobís Wrap-Up Baffin Island Blog: First off, we would like to thank our families, friends, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters for helping us in our goal to once again achieve the impossible! The Baffin Island youth expedition was a complete success and our youth ambassadors (Amanda, Thomsen, Sandi, Tamara, and Kathleen) exceeded all expectations. In a short period of time the team became a cohesive unit and quickly rallied around each other during an incredibly difficult expedition. The terrain through the Akshayuk Pass is some of the most difficult on the planet and day after day the team put their heads down and pushed forward. They overcame doubts, fears, exhaustion, and inclement weather to exceed their mental and physical limits! They truly show that we are all capable of achieving extraordinary things! This expedition wasnít just about an arduous journey this was also about celebrating the north and we were all truly captivated by the magical scenery that was on display in one of the most amazing and beautiful places on the planet.

Baffin Island (AP) Module 12: Greenhouse for the Arctic

September 10th Blog

student q/a
Tamara: "Yesterday we finished the pass!! It felt so great to finally be done! It was beyond satisfactory! The youth ambassadors lead the way to the end of the pass and we finished strong as a team. While on this journey we have all learned so much about each other and about ourselves. It has been life changing no doubt. Although, our expedition is not nearly done. Sandi and I woke up today with a pool of water in our tent. The winds were extremely strong. It wasn't a beautiful sight to wake up too. We are so glad we have completed the pass- we are now waiting for the boat to take us to Pangnirtung as the weather has made the 2 day walk to town a very hazardous and dangerous trek. So our adventure is not done yet! We will be in Pangnirtung until the 16th. We are looking forward to more questions from the schools, as we loving receiving and responding to them! So keep them coming!"

Baffin Island (AP) Module 11: Place of Fish

September 9th Ray voice blog

(Audio) Ray

Baffin Island (AP) Module 10: The Cold War

Setember 9th blogs

student q/a
Amanda: "How amazing today was! We finished the pass at 100km and I know I am so proud of myself and my team. The terrain was gorgeous and we were even treated to a huge rockslide during last night. We are out on the ocean now and the tide has just rolled in- we have been noticing quite a few arctic hares lately- they are so much bigger than the small rabbits in Cali! I just want to send my love to me family and friends in SoCal and I want to tell Marcus I love you and that without you this would not have been possible for me; I can't wait to see you and tell you all about my adventure! With love from the North, Manda"
student q/a
Ray: "Hey Everybody ! Just a quick email to let you in on the awesome news ! We have completed a successful crossing of the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island in our goal time ! We arrived in South Pang Fjord this afternoon to cheers from our Youth Ambassador Team ! We will continue to blog and answer student questions (sorry for some of the technical difficulties- Anton has been working overtime to make things work- Nick is on his honeymoon and unable to do his usual web "magic"...) The help of awesome companies such as First Air, Gatorade, Iridium and Canada Goose made this expedition possible- please check our sponsor page for more. As soon as we get home we will be posting many of the exceptional media attention these young adventurers have accrued in our Press section. Check there soon. So- the adventure continues- keep watching for photos here, blogs from the Youth Ambassadors- and we will start posting from Pangnirtung (and our potential trek to there !) Cheers Ray"
student q/a
Sandi: "Today we finished the pass! The 5 ambassadors all did the final bit walking and getting stuck in the mud together. Theres no other 4 people i would rather do it with. These people were all amazing before we started, but we have all been talking about what we want to do after we get back and everyone wants to do some amazing even more amazing things- things we wouldn't have thought possible before we started. Not everyone is meant to do expeditions but we all have the capability of doing great things, just find what your passionate about and go for it! Sandi !"

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