Student Q&A: Bonus Part 2

student q/a
Q: "Hi Ray, I don't know if you remember me, i spoke with you when you came to our environmental conference Green vs Greed and i spoke to you about my fundraising for Malaria. I was just wondering when you would be coming back to Montreal to speak because your presentation was very inspirational and i'm very interested in what you have been doing, although i don't have the physical capabilities to actually do a run haha! I hope you will be having some sort of conference back here soon!" - Myriam, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "How could I forget such an inspiring student with so much passion and focus. I hope to return to Montreal following our Siberian Express for Water Expedition! I can't wait to share the experience with you." - Ray

Q: "Would you do the expedition all over again if you had the chance?" - Anna, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Absolutely! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life." - Ray

Q: "What are some of the challenges you faced during this expedition? Would you recommend it for other students?" - Andrea, The Study School, Montreal, Quebec
A: "Some of the challenges I faced were carrying the heavy backpack and being away from my daughter Mia. The Baffin Island Expedition was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it for other students." - Kathy
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