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i2P Education: Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the threshold is both a physical and mental challenge. It has been something humans chase in order to evolve. There is a direct link between the stories of Greek Mythology, Ancient Greece and the modern day world.

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Team Resilience

What does it take to be resilient? You need to be physically and mentally willing to push beyond your perceived limits. Take a look at what the Greece team think!

Megan's Daily Dispatch: Day Two, Run

The Youth Ambassadors have experienced huge elevation on day two. Trail markings have also tested the team's resiliency.This is is all part of expedition running!

Raphael's Journal: This Crazy Expedition has Begun

It has started! This crazy expedition has begun after months of training. My teammates and I are pumped to be here, so let’s get to business! We all flew from different directions and it was so much fun seeing everyone gathered and to meet them after all this time. We met at the Toronto airport terminal first and then collectively took our connecting flight to Greece.

—Fast forward 10 hours—

 We have now arrived in Greece, some of us slept while others were too excited to sleep (I was part of the ones being too excited). After the landing we hoped into cars that brought us to where we currently are staying: Delphi Camping. Up to now everything felt surreal, as we were driving it started to hit me, where I was, what I was about to do, the challenges I was about to take on, and how proud I was of the team I was with. I am very happy to be running with such great people! We had a day of rest before the running started, which I  was really grateful for, as we were able to get the sleep we needed. 

The wake up call was at 7:00, and then eating at 7:30. We then got briefed on what we are about to embark on: The Hero’s journey. That being done, we all went on a run, which felt awesome to move our legs and work some muscles. We then ate lunch and also started filming the education program. We even had our first debate: credit versus debit! It was lots of fun, especially because there were good arguments on both sides. Near 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we left for the Delphi temples, which is named the naval of the universe. According to the tour guide, seemingly every single god of Greek mythology has walked there. It was also a place of great power, as it was the crossroads of many many people and it housed a temple in honour of Apollo, the god of the sun, music, harmony, and fine arts. It was amazing to not only learn about all of the stories the tour guide told us, but to simply be able to walk where people walked in 500 BC. We had the chance to try and see what people many years ago saw through their eyes. We then filmed some content all the way up beside a running track. It was really cool, thinking we were also about to embark on our own running adventure. 

After the visit we went into town to eat and then got back to the camp where we starting to write our journals and began to prepare for what tomorrow holds.

Raphael Dury

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Megan's Daily Dispatch: Day One, Run

The Youth Ambassadors have hit the half way point of day one. Learning how to work as a team is the biggest challenge of all. By lunch, they had reached 13km!