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The mission of impossible2Possible (i2P) is to encourage youth to reach beyond their perceived limits, and to use adventure as a medium to educate, inspire and empower our global community to make positive change in the world. i2P aims to equip today's youth with the understanding and belief that they have the power to change the world. We envision a world of achievers that believe in their hearts that nothing is out of the realm of possibility!

We achieve this by guiding teachers and students through a combination of three truly unique experiential learning experiences. Students will follow and interact with the inspirational i2P Youth Ambassadors as they push beyond their own perceived physical limits each day of each Expedition; students will develop financial knowledge and personal resilience through ready to use on-line classroom modules designed for teachers, by teachers; and they will experience the world around them in a whole new way through the world class i2P education program!

Join Us!

Start now and join other teachers to help your students become more empowered! As part of the Expedition, with the support of Transamerica, i2P Youth Ambassadors will build student awareness of the importance of gaining financial knowledge and building personal resilience. As adults, we know that the ability to make informed financial decisions is essential to well-being at every stage in our life. However, basic financial lessons are often not learned at a young age leaving young people to learn these essential life skills the hard way-after they've racked up years of debt, or fallen victim to financial fraud. Empowerment comes from understanding the basics of planning properly, anticipating bumps in the road and overcoming them in ALL areas of our lives in order to make a better tomorrow. Undoubtedly, empowering a new generation of youth by helping them relate to these valuable lessons will result in enriched lives and more stable communities.

Join the i2P youth ambassadors as they explore these lessons and much more over the course of their journey into the most exotic places on earth!