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The 8th stop in the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series is Peru. The route for the i2P Expedition Peru is one of the most bio-diverse on the planet, crossing 11,000 feet in elevation, from the high Andes plateau to the bountiful ecosystem of the Amazonian jungle in Manu National Park. A team of five Youth Ambassadors will attempt to run a marathon per day for 6 consecutive days! As the elevation changes over the course of their journey the i2P team will travel through one of the richest gradients of ecosystems on the planet.

Expedition Theme

The i2P Expedition Peru will focus on Ecosystem Services. Ecosystem services are the collection of benefits that ecosystems provide to humanity. The ultimate goal of the education program is to provide Youth Ambassadors and learners following the expedition, the knowledge and tools needed to:

  • Describe ecosystems,
  • Establish the value of ecosystems,
  • Describe the impact of human activity on the ecosystem, and
  • Develop strategies to mitigate the loss of ecosystem services.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

As globalization and international collaboration increase, there are greater difficulties in cross-cultural communication. Challenges consist of understanding local issues from various perspectives or working with people who have different communication styles. Intercultural communication can help you approach the world with various regional perspectives and give you the tools to build bridges across cultures. As part of their preparation for Expedition Peru, the i2P Youth Ambassadors have undergone cultural sensitivity training to help them gain a better understanding of the social and environmental issues surrounding Peru. These newly developed intercultural skills will enhance their ability to work in teams, become community leaders, and empower others to take action.

Registration Details

impossible2Possible is once again reaching out to Educate, Inspire, and Empower an entire generation! The impossible2Possible Ecosystem Services Program will be the focus of Expedition Peru. An advanced education resource program will span the preparation and execution of this expedition, with students witnessing what it takes to prepare physically and mentally to push beyond perceived limits.

Read the following document (PDF) to get started with registration:
- School Registration Information (PDF)
- School Registration


impossible2Possible is honored to have so many incredible schools participating in Expedition Peru! Thousands of students will join Team i2P as we prepare and then run from the high Andes plateau to the bountiful ecosystem of the Amazonian jungle in Manu National Park. Check back often to see your school added here!

Colegio Pukllasunchis
Winston Middle School
St. Martha Catholic School
Greenbank Middle School
McCloskey Elementary
Harrison High School
Grand Rapids Public
St. Thomas High School
Moura State School
The Stewart School
Module Vanier
Central Falls High School
Canyon School
Livingstone School
Crowsnest Consolidated High School
Martello Enrichment School
H.D. Stafford Middle School
Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary
Kwantlen Park Secondary
O'Neill Junior High School
Reid Elementary
Nakusp Secondary School
St Flannan's Primary Catholic School
Chief Dan George Middle School
Minnekhada Middle
Frontenac Secondary School
Canadian Academy
Hawthorne High School
College Jeanne-Sauve
Macdonald Drive Elementary
Drummond Central Public School
Symmes Jr. High
Holy Spirit Bray Park
Walden Academy
Delta Work Options
Mutchmor PS
Oak-Land Jr. High
Holy Spirit Primary School
Holy Spirit
Jennie Elliott
Battle Ground Middle School
Campbell Home School
Holy Spirit School
List Elementary
Jarvis Academy
Osoyoos Elementary
Scuola di Scienze della Comunicazione
Faculty of Education
St. Bernard School
Riverview Middle School
Osoyoos Elementary School
D'Arcy McGee High
Bonaccord Elementary
Brookfield High School

World Expedition Series

The World Expedition Series is designed to transport students to remote and contrasting locales around the world. To date, the Series has seen young adventurers trek among glaciers containing millions of liters of water in the Canadian Arctic, across the desolate sands of the Sahara, through the dense and lush jungle of the Amazon, traversing portions of the Bolivian salt flats into the mountainous Altiplano, venturing through the vast & expansive Thar Desert, and exploring the Kalahari & Makgadikgadi regions of Botswana! As with all i2P Youth Expeditions, the team will push themselves beyond any perceived physical and mental boundaries they have ever placed upon themselves to discover that they are truly capable of achieving the impossible.