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Lieutenant Colonel John Toth is a former United States Army Infantry Officer with over 21 years experience leading soldiers in challenging situations around the globe. During his career, John served tours in South Korea and Egypt, and was deployed to combat in Iraq. His assignments included the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as well as the Pentagon. He is a graduate of the rigorous U.S. Army Ranger School and is a Master Parachutist and Pathfinder. An expert trainer and mentor, he recently completed his final assignment as the Professor of Military Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he was responsible for training future officers for the Army. He holds a Masters degree from the prestigious School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A devoted husband and proud father of two boys, he resides in Boulder, Colorado where he can share his passion for cycling, the outdoors, and world traveling with his family.

LTC Toth is currently the Senior Director for Veterans Programs at Veterans Green Jobs, a Denver, CO based non-profit dedicated to helping post 9-11 veterans find meaningful jobs in the green sector.

10) Learn From Other Leaders

When you are not in charge, be a good follower for whoever is at the top. While following, watch and learn from their successes and failures.

9) When in Charge - Take Charge!

If you are given the opportunity, or find yourself to be in a position of leadership, do not hesitate to take full advantage of being a great leader. Step up and be all that you can be!

8) Persistence is Key to Finding a Path

Never, ever stop trying to find a way to achieve success. If one strategy does not work, regroup and try another. With persistence you will always find a way.

7) Be Mindful of Your Actions

Don't overreact to bad news or unexpected challenges - those around you will either feed off of your calm leadership or amplify your stress.

6) Engage Team Leadership

Prepare your subordinates to take your job and empower them with responsibility; they will surprise you with their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

5) Collaborate to Elaborate

Great leaders collaborate before making a decision - doing so helps you tap into and multiply your organization's collective wisdom.

4) Trust Yourself

Trust your gut feeling - it's usually right. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

3) Mental & Physical Toughness

Develop mental and physical toughness - be hard. It's easy to quit when you are tired, cold (or hot), and hungry. Exceptional leaders thrive in adverse conditions while others falter.

2) Attitude is Everything

Attitude is everything; be positive and maintain a sense of humor. Exceptional leaders are self-starters who exude confidence and positive energy. It can be done!

1) Use Your Initiative

In the absence of guidance, don't wait for someone to tell you what to do, use your initiative to get things done!