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The second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series is starting soon!
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i2P stages world class expeditions in remarkable locations around the globe and delivers the experience to your classroom. i2P has created a unique interactive environment, that enlists students on the expedition team, as well as the local geography, history and culture to serve as the matrix for a unique experiential education opportunity. i2P is dedicated to establishing means to stretch the boundaries of traditional education by linking the exigencies of the expedition to those elements of science, history and culture that serve as the foundation of the life skills necessary to achieve success both in the field and in everyday life.

These are the first 9 modules of a total of 18 to be posted in this section of the website. The remaining 9 modules will be posted through February 10th 2010.

For an orientation to the Siberian Express for Water Education Resource please see Module 1.