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The second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series is starting soon!
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Once again i2P is reaching out to Educate, Inspire, and Empower an entire generation! The impossible2Possible Twenty10 H2O Initiative will encompass two major expeditions. The first is the "i2P Siberian Express for Water" where Ray Zahab, i2P Founder, and Kevin Vallely, i2P Ambassador, will run 65km to 70km per day for the entire 650km journey across frozen Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is located in Siberia and is the deepest lake in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of our global treasures and i2P is proud to explore this amazing locale and deliver its mystique and beauty to students across North America. Contrasting the abundance of water in Lake Baikal will be Stage 2, of the i2P World Expedition Series: Running Tunisia. This expedition will be another opportunity for i2P Youth Ambassadors to push beyond their perceived mental and physical limits. The journey will traverse the majestic country of Tunisia, with Youth Ambassadors running an incredible 200 miles while communicating directly with students across North America. By exploring these two opposite climatic regions of the world, impossible2possible hopes to raise awareness and funding for clean drinking water projects that will change lives and give hope to future generations.

Accompanying these expeditions will be the "i2P Experiential Learning Program". This advanced education resource program will span the preparation and execution of two world class expeditions, giving students access like never before through live streaming video reports from the field. This unparalleled access will enable students to see what it takes to prepare mentally and physically to push beyond our perceived limits. Starting in January and lasting until May, i2P will transport students across North America directly to the other side of the world! The interactive program is designed as a two-way street of communication from the classroom to the expedition, and likewise from the expedition to the classroom. Students will engage in not only an educational experience, but also discover what life is like for cultures on the other side of the world living without the luxury of turning on the faucet. Participating classes will get an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered either through email or live streaming video! A major element of the education resource program is a challenge to students across North America to fundraise for two clean drinking water projects in Africa. All funding will go to Ryan's Well Foundation (www.ryanswell.ca) and www.GivingWater.org two well-respected organizations in the fight to deliver clean drinking water to those without.

Q/A Open to everyone

This is the first i2P expedition that we are opening up questions from EVERYONE! Want to know how Ray is feeling? Want to know what Kevin is eating? Have you ever wondered what song Ray was listening to?

Now is your chance! Submit your questions and have the i2P expedition team answer them from Siberia! The expedition begins March 1st 2010.