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The second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series is starting soon!
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Videos On the i2P Siberian Express for Water expedition we will be filming several hours of high def film footage for various news networks, our media partners, future documentary and for access by schools. We also will film shorter pieces/lower res that you can view and will be archived here !
  • Siberia Prep - Desert and Winter Running Shoes

  • Siberia Prep - Training Tips

  • Siberia Prep - Dragging the Tire

  • Testing Gear In Yellowknife !

  • Yellowknife Training

  • Our Technical Gear

  • Training Update 1

  • Clothing

  • Bethlehem Pep Rally

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4 and 5

  • Days 5-8