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School Action

Projects Uganda

These are the projects that participating schools in the i2P Twenty10 H20 Initiative will be supporting. These students will truly be making a positive impact on the lives of many. The Ryan's Well Foundation and Giving Water are two organizations which i2P supports and believes in!

Projects: Project for Uganda | Samburu Schools Water Harvesting Program

Ryan's Well

i2P Siberian Express Expedition - Project for Uganda

  • Country: Uganda
  • Region: Aromo Sub-County, Lira
  • Local Partner Organization: Divine Waters Uganda
  • Funding Goal: $15,000 CAD

Project Activities:

Through the support of impossible2Possible and the 2010 Siberian Express Expedition participants and schools, Ryan's Well will work with our local partner to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene education for the people of Aromo Sub-County. As part of our larger scale program, the Siberian Express Expedition will further our efforts to provide access to safe water for children and families throughout Aromo Sub-County.

Our local partner organization, Divine Waters Uganda is a member of the water and sanitation district council in Lira, Uganda. This council comprised of NGO's in the water and sanitation sector work together to share information and focus the efforts of each organization in specific regions of the district. Aromo Sub-County needs our help.

Aromo was severely impacted by civil unrest over the past several decades, with neighbouring districts of Pader and Gulu being hubs of activity by the LRA in the past. While more peaceful conditions now exist, the people of Aromo are left in quite desperate conditions with great need for basic necessities - water, sanitation, education, health and a brighter future. Together with I2P, the Siberian Express Expedition participants, Ryan's Well and our partners Divine Waters, we are supporting positive change for Aromo.

With the support of the 2010 Siberian Express Expedition participating schools, Aromo Sub-County will benefit from safe water, sanitation and hygiene education access:

  • Construction of 2 drilled wells.
  • Establishment of community water and sanitation management committees.
  • Health, hygiene and sanitation training and training for pump mechanics.

All activities are part of a program throughout Aromo Sub-County for 2010/2011.

Ryan's Well would like to send special thanks to our friend and Board member, Ray Zahab, for his enthusiasm and adventurous spirit as he and the I2P team make a difference with every step of the 650 km distance they will travel on the 2010 Siberian Express Expedition.

Ryan's Well

Samburu Schools Water Harvesting Program

  • Country: Kenya
  • Region: Nachola, Baragoi and Parakiti | Samburu District
  • Funding Goal: $15,333 USD

Project Activities:

Nachola, Baragoi and Parakiti are villages in the the Samburu District of north central Kenya. In the shadow of the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya, Samburu is a district of acacia trees and dry savanna in the striking East African Rift Valley. In this semi-arid region prone to recurrent droughts, watersheds are a critical resource. With irregular access to surface water, Samburans must travel great distances to reach water points. Currently, one of the worst droughts ever is taking place; livestock, crops and children are dying in unprecedented numbers and the lack of water is stirring up conflict as communities fight over the last remaining pieces of fertile grazing land.

Your donations will help fund our program to install rain water harvesting equipment at each of the primary schools in Nachola, Baragoi and Parakiti. Water storage tanks will provide a sustainable source of water for the school, and can be used for many purposes, including drinking, cooking water for school meals, and irrigating small vegetable gardens.

The program will directly benefit the 1,047 students at the three schools and secondarily the 10,268 inhabitants of the three villages.