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Getting Started


School Action

Getting Started


Fundraising is about building relationships as well as raising money. With a good fundraising program your organization will also enjoy:

  • Increased visibility
  • A stronger sense of organizational identity
  • Better relations among your group and with the community you serve.


1. Jump In:

  • Start with a clear idea of why you are fundraising and for whom, set a clear financial goal and pick a date for the event(s).
  • Select a team and create sub-committees to help coordinate efforts. Approach people who will have time to devote to project.
  • Organize weekly/monthly meetings. Have an agenda!
  • Advise administration and school/board councils. Go through appropriate channels.

2. Get Excited With Ideas & Plan, Plan, Plan!

  • Brain storm ideas and pick out the ones that are most appropriate in the time frame that you have. Get an idea about what has worked for other fundraisers.
  • Plan key responsibilities. Establish priorities.
  • Make an organizational chart for tasks and when they will need to be fulfilled. Review timetable conflicts.
  • Keep communication lines open ie: who reports to whom?
  • Create a fundraising letter. This will be important!
  • Consider budget, security, first aid, permits, contracts, weather...
  • Recruit staff and students.

3. Develop Event

  • Raffles, donations, dances, entertainment, sporting events, bake sales...

4. Market Event

  • Create a promotional team.
  • Advertise, media involvement, ticket sales, web sites...

5. Run Event

  • Consider set up, inspections, be ready to make decisions!

6. Measure Event

  • Collect receipts, keep records, clean up

6. Assess Event

  • Take inventory, evaluation report, committee close-out meeting

Celebrate Success!!