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There is a sense of adventure in everyone; a yearning to step beyond the commonplace and routine. Impossible2Possible (i2P) is a not for profit organization that uses the theatre of adventure to build unique and meaningful learning experiences.

Knowledge is continuously gained through both personal and environmental experience. Experiential learning is a philosophy of education that aims to tie concrete lessons with abstract learning. By enlisting the latest technologies i2P takes experiential learning to another level by linking world-class adventurers and extraordinary expeditions to the classroom. This 21st Century program offers a spontaneous and interactive learning environment that ties real life adventures to a standard curriculum in a manner that will inspire students and teachers alike.


In 2010 the i2P Experiential Learning Program followed expeditions in Siberia and the North African country of Tunisia that highlighted a curriculum that focused on water. The 3rd expedition for 2010 is taking place in the Tapajos region of the Amazon Jungle and will highlight a curriculum focused on biodiversity.

The backdrops for this incredible program are three completely different locales on the planet. The first leg was an adventurous crossing of frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds more fresh water than three of the largest North American Great Lakes combined. Contrasted by the abundance of water in Siberia was Stage 2 of the i2P World Expedition Series, a stunning run through Tunisia and the Northern Sahara Desert, one of the driest and hottest places on the planet. These two opposite climatic regions were used as the basis for a curriculum that highlights what the United Nations has called the Global Water Crisis. Stage 3 of the World Expedition Series takes place in one the most biodiverse areas of the planet: the Amazon Jungle. The United Nations has declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. "It is a celebration of life on Earth and of the value of biodiversity for our lives" - UN.

The educational opportunity offered by this Amazon Expedition will be fashioned into a narrative about biodiversity - the variety of life on Earth.


  • Any school, student or interested individual can join the expedition "at no charge" by following along on this interactive website!
  • Teachers with classes interested in communicating directly with our expedition teams can register at the following link: Amazon Registration. Registration enables students to interact directly with the expedition team through live streaming video along with daily question and answer opportunities.
  • Teachers and students are encouraged to follow along with the expedition and complement their classroom curriculum by embracing the interactive educational tools:
    • An extensive biodiversity based education resource (education modules, student exercises);
    • Live video conversations with expeditions team members in the field;
    • Daily curriculum based questions;
    • On-line questions and answer program with expedition members;
    • Student & teacher interactive forum.


  • The i2P Biodiversity Education Initiative kicks off September 14th with a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch the i2P team prepare for their Amazon trek. Students will get to see, hear, and learn first hand the hard work and dedication it takes to prepare for such an incredible expedition.
  • September will also mark the start of Fundraising efforts for the i2P Tapajos School Project that will involve fundraising to build a school in the region of the Amazon the i2P team will be visiting. i2P encourages teachers and students to start organizing their efforts and help us make a positive impact on our global community!
  • September through November the Amazon Expedition website will be updated with educational information, Tapajos School Project progress, along with videos and blogs from our i2P expedition team in training.
  • In October i2P will announce the live Streaming Video Schedule! The streaming video schedule will let teachers and followers know ahead of time when the expedition team will be broadcasting live to the classroom!
  • On October 20th, participants in stage three of the i2P World Expedition Series will begin their journey across the incredible Amazon Jungle!