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Getting Started


School Action

Extraordinary Acts

impossible2Possible has a mission of educating and inspiring with an end result of EMPOWERING young people to complete their own Extraordinary Acts. This is your opportunity to help i2P do some incredible work that will have life changing qualities. This is your chance to do something truly EXTRAORDINARY!

Just months ago, the Youth Ambassador team that completed the Running Tunisia Expedition teamed with students in classrooms all over in an "Extraordinary Acts" effort to raise enough money for 2 water projects in Africa. This time, the four Youth Ambassadors trekking through the Amazon will partner with thousands of students in an awesome fundraising effort.

The Goal

Raise enough funding to complete the construction of a school that will serve 100 children in the community of Taquara, in the Flona Do Tapajos.

How do we expect to complete our goal?

With a combined effort from our participating i2P Experiential Learning Program students. This extraordinary acts program is designed so that students, classrooms, and schools can all join together for a common goal. We want you to get out there and raise funds however you can, bake sales, car wash, lemonade stand, raffles, donations, sporting events, anything you can think of to help achieve the goal.

Remember, hard work, belief that you can achieve the impossible, and dedication to the goal are critical in achieving anything worthwhile!

Tracking Progress!

This is also the place where you will be able to track the progress of the fund raising efforts. We will tally the donations as they come in and you will be able to follow along as you get closer to achieving the goal of providing clean drinking water.


Contact the i2P science and education program coordinator, Mark Dohn for details on initiating your fundraising program.

We also encourage teachers to contact Adriana Rossi, for ideas and inspiration on Fundraising events.