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In February 2016, adventurers Ray Zahab (CAN), Jen Segger (CAN) and Stefano Gregoretti (Italy) will set out o a unique and challenging expedition that will span 100 degrees celsius on the thermometer! Traditionally ultra runners, the team will journey form -50°C (-58F) to +50°C (120F) over 1,500km, on mountain bikes and foot.

For the first leg, the team will travel unsupported, using a combination of fat tire mountain bike and foot to cross the Arctic Ocean from Qikiqtarjuaq (Island) to Baffin, then cross Baffin Island and head towards the community of Pangnirtung, again travelling on frozen waters of the Arctic. Temperatures could reach -50°C (-58F) and will test the team's limit in this extreme Arctic environment, moving with little rest and self reliant.

Once this northern leg is completed, the team will immediately head to South America to traverse the Atacama Desert- the driest place on Earth. The team will use mountain bikes, retracing Ray's original 1,200km running route, north to south. Temperatures in the desert could reach +50°C, and the suns rays are relentless in the Atacama . Thousands of students, will follow along live through our satellite based system and experience some of the coldest and hottest places on Earth, in a span of just weeks, we hope you join us too!

The Arctic2Atacama is in support of impossible2Possible (i2P).

About impossible2Possible

impossible2Possible's (i2P) mission is to use the platform of adventure and technology to educate, inspire, and empower the global community to reach beyond their perceived limits and make positive change in the world. i2P adventures are designed to transport students to remote and contrasting locales around the world. To date, ten i2P Youth Expeditions have seen young adventurers trek among glaciers containing millions of litres of water in the Canadian Arctic, run across the desolate sands of the Sahara, through the dense and lush jungle of the Amazon, traversing portions of the Bolivian salt flats into the mountainous Altiplano, venturing through the vast & expansive Thar Desert, explore the Kalahari & Makgadikgadi regions of Botswana, and have dug into the breathtaking geological wonders of Southern Utah! As with all i2P Youth Expeditions, the team will push themselves beyond any perceived physical and mental boundaries they have ever placed upon themselves to discover that they are truly capable of achieving the impossible. All i2P Youth Expeditions are 100% free.

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For schools that would like to be involved in the live video conferencing, please connect with Matt Howe.

Matt Howe
i2P Educational Coordinator and Logistics