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  1. Day 20 Journal

    87km - The Finish! Ray has a special message to all our partners. Stay tuned for the wrap-up video!

  2. Days 18-19 Journal and Pics

    The end is in sight! Day 18 - 60km, Day 19 - 64km.

  3. Day 16-17 Journal and Pics

    Day 16 - 60km, Day 17 - 64km. "That hardest times sometimes yield the most beautiful things." - Ray

  4. Day 14-15 Journal and Pics

    50 degrees Celsius, navigating through mining areas and battling back! Day 14: 41km, Day 15: 60km.

  5. Day 13 Journal and Pics

    61km, intense heat and insane winds. We hope our camera does the sights justice!

  6. Day 12 Journal and Pics

    Ray runs 61km, more extraordinary scenery and the Chilean logistics team gives us a history lesson...

  7. Day 11 Journal

    Camp life is slightly different for Ray than the rest of the team.

  8. Day 10 Journal and Pics

    Ray made it to 45km today, a little over a marathon. The team tried their best to patch up "the blister"...

  9. Day 9 Journal and Pics

    The terrain reminds Ray of a trail back home, the team visits a meteor impact site and a salt mine...

  10. Day 8 Journal and Pics

    Perseverance. Ray tests his foot after receiving aggressive treatment; see how he did on Day 8!

  11. Day 7 Journal and Pics

    Day 7 was a difficult day. Ray suffered from a very bad blister and was forced to call the team to look at it...

  12. Expedition Life

    Bob shows where Ray and the team sleeps, how the team packs/travels and more!

  13. Day 6 Journal and Pics

    Lots of action on Day 6! Ray made his way through an active salt lake, ran along abandoned railroads...

  14. Day 5 Journal and Pics

    Had an awesome day for several reasons. The terrain is totally my style which is extremely motivating!

  15. Days 3-4 Journal and Pics

    Day 3 and day 4 have been very difficult, especially from a mental perspective...

  16. Day 2 Journal and Pics

    More gorges and more roads - 61.5km. A little beat up today; didn't get much sleep...

  17. Day 1 Journal and Pics

    Started at the Peruvian/Chilean border and completed 78.5km.

  18. Day 1 Update Live on CBC

    Here is the raw footage from Ray's CBC Now interview on January 23.

  19. Day Before Start

    In Arica getting ready to head to the mountains!

  20. Gear Prep

    Ray gets his gear ready for the Atacama Extreme Expedition!

  21. Winter/Desert Shoe Prep!

    Preparing shoes for winter running - and desert too!

  22. Training for Atacama Extreme

    Training for Atacama Extreme began immediately after the i2P Youth Expedition Amazon...