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We will post photos from both the preparation phase and the expedition here! Also included is a series of photos from friends who have done some extraordinary projects of their own in Death Valley. Click on the photos for description and photo credits.

Enjoy a small sampling of archived photos as they are being taken.

Friends doing incredible things in Death Valley!

Below are a selection of photo's lent to me by some of my friends that have been doing amazing things in Death Valley!!! I thought you might enjoy them, and get you warmed up a bit for our run!!!
- Ray Z

Mimi Anderson completing her Badwater Double- yes, she ran out and back!!! Summer 2011

Ultra Running Legend Marshall Ulrich!

Lisa Smith-Batchen running from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney... via a run through Death Valley!

Chris Roman on his way to completing his first Badwater Race! 135 miles.

Canadian Badwater machine and i2P Team member Ferg Hawke generously donated these photos he took in Death Valley! Thanks Ferg!!!

Lisa Bliss unsupported from Badwater to Whitney!!! Incredible !!!!!!!

Prep Photos

Expedition Photos