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Adriana is a passionate educator who has experience with the i2P programs on expeditions and in the classroom. In 2010 she joined the Expedition Amazon team as they trekked through incredibly dense jungle, swamps and oppressive humidity in a quest to study and learn about the culture and biodiversity of the region. This Fall Adriana will be joining the 2011 Expedition India team as they venture through the region of the Thar Desert, examining a curriculum based around World Health. She also has experience implementing the i2P Education Program within her classroom on several occasions. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you get started!

10) Inspirational Speaking

Request to bring an i2P Youth Ambassador into your classroom to share their incredible experiences & stories with your students!

9) Don't Wait

Start early to get the most out of the i2P programs, lessons & global networks. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare!

8) Real-Time Feedback

If you have questions for Ray & the i2P team, quench your thirst for curiosity and submit questions to the instant i2P Q & A tab!

7) Pure Source of Peer Inspiration

Students can relate peer-to-peer with these incredible Youth Ambassadors. They are truly inspiring thousands of students worldwide!

6) New Student Experiences

Students are instantly engaged with the i2P Experiential Learning program; it's a fresh perspective allowing students to explore our world!

5) Have Fun

Use your imagination, be creative and have fun with the curriculum, modules & student activities!

4) International Support

Reach out for support to our international team of experienced educators. We're here to help make your experience fun & easy as possible!

3) Be Open

The i2P programs are flexible and can work for any teacher & curriculum. Check out the videos under the "Education Introduction" tab!

2) The World in your Classroom

Easy to use software allows your students and classroom to connect LIVE with the i2P Youth Ambassadors and team!

1) It's Simple

The step-by-step registration is easy and absolutely FREE, and only takes 5 minutes to complete!