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Jill is still riding a wave of positive energy and enthusiasm after being a Youth Ambassador for Running Tunisia 2010. Everything in the experience from the searing heat, massive sand dunes, beautiful landscape, incredible team, and inspiring students completely changed her life. Jill learned that if you want to make a difference the hardest part is taking the first step. Since the expedition she has opted out of the 'first step' idea and instead jumped head first into initiatives that she feels passionate about!

10) Comfort in Challenge

Embrace the extreme terrain, climate and environment. The heat, sand, sweat, and lack of clean water were extremely difficult to handle while running in the Sahara, but accepting was the only way around it for me.

9) Break it Down

Break seemingly impossible tasks into smaller, possible chunks. There will always be setbacks, but you need to remember to always stay positive from pre-expedition onward! These lessons will stay with you for life!

8) Take It In

Take in the beauty of your surroundings in training and during the expedition. Stop, look around and be thankful for such an amazing opportunity. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so take it all in!

7) Experience of a Lifetime

Get ready for your life to change! This will be one of the greatest experiences of your life; you just have to be open to it. After my expedition, the only appropriate explanation was LIFE-CHANGING!

6) Crew Support

It's tough, rigorous and exhausting, but I can guarantee that if you ask your support crew questions you'll be a little less exhausted each day. Seriously, just do it; they're there to help you!

5) Mutual Inspiration

Read the biographies of the Youth Ambassadors, Expedition, Education & Research, Logistics, and Inspirational Ambassadors team. These incredible people will inspire you, but remember you're now one of them!

4) Positive Surroundings

Nine out of ten people laughed at me when I told them about Running Tunisia. Surround yourself with the people that believe you can do this!

3) A New Role Model

From the moment you are chosen as a Youth Ambassador, and way beyond the expedition, believe it when you hear people say you are incredible! Remember to continue being yourself and openly share your experiences.

2) Connect with Classrooms

Tell your family, friends, teachers, and neighbors; tell everyone and recruit schools! The most inspiring part of an expedition is connecting with students following from around the globe. Have fun, they look up to you!

1) Make a Difference

Remember that you are making a huge difference in the lives of others! Not only the students and teachers following from their classrooms, but the communities who benefit from the Extraordinary Acts Program!