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Digigone Video Conference Calls
Monday, May 13th - 10:00AM MT
Tuesday, May 14th - 11:00AM MT
Wednesday, May 15th - 11:00AM MT
Thursday, May 16th - 9:00AM MT
Friday, May 17th - 11:00AM MT
Monday, May 20th - 10:40AM MT

Below is the call schedule for the Video Conference Calls for the i2P Expedition Utah.

If you would like to participate along with the Youth Ambassadors, Dr. Ewan Affleck & the entire i2P team, we highly encourage this! Feel free to ask questions via the built in chat function in the Digigone software during the call.

School registration: click here

If you are not signed up and have not connected with Matt Howe regarding DigiGone software for the Live Videoconference sessions by Monday, May 6th, unfortunately we will not be unable to accommodate your request and you will not be able to participate in the Live Videoconference sessions for this expedition. Please stay tuned for our Broadcast Archive below, as we will be recording each Live Videoconference session! Thank you for your patience.

Broadcast Archive

Tying real-life adventure & standard curriculum with LIVE videoconferencing into classrooms, students become active participants on the expedition! By using this technology, i2P brings the expedition into the classroom and the classroom onto the expedition, providing a two-way street of communication; a portal into the real world!