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Expedition Baffin 2014

This March 6th to March 16th 2014, Ray Zahab and his friends Ferg Hawke, Stefano Gregoretti and Ryan Grant will spend ten days in Canada’s Arctic on an unsupported crossing of the Akshayuk Pass (the running will be 48 hours, the other 8 days will involve filming & learning in Arctic communities) and visit with old and new friends!

The 2014 Baffin Expedition is part two in the To The Edge documentary series in which Ray and his film team share the extraordinary people and circumstances that are the real story of these running expeditions! This will be Ray's 4th crossing of the Akshayuk Pass since 2007 and the team is excited to visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Also, Zach, and his film team will be capturing footage that will in post edit will be available for students and classrooms around the world for free.

In part one of To The Edge, Ray ran over 2,000km across the Gobi and Mongolia- sharing the stories and learning from the people he met along the way, and teaming with Zach they captured the incredible things that happen when running such a remote part of the world. On Baffin, Ray, Ferg, Ryan and Stefano will attempt to cross Baffin on Akshayuk Pass and then carry on the ice to Pangnirtung in approximately 48hours, unsupported. The team will also continue filming in Pangnirtung and Iqaluit while they visit with many people gathering their stories.

Be sure to check this interactive website for updates, which includes an expedition live tracker, video blogs, and photos! Participating teachers and students in the Fitness Challenge are encouraged to share their stories, and submit their photos & videos. Be ready to be inspired by these students!

As with all of Ray and Team expeditions, a goal is to raise an awareness for impossible2Possible (i2P), a learning based organization that takes youth on expeditions all over the world cost free. Also cost free is the i2P Experiential Learning Program that both i2P Youth Ambassadors and schools participate in using the latest satellite technologies and partners in a two way street of communication. Please visit for more info

Student Health & Physical Activity Challenge

As Ray and his Team make their way across the Arctic, they will have an equal goal of inspiring and empowering administrators, teachers and students to take on a Health & Physical Activity Challenge. Our goal? Have students prepare for health and physical challenges of their own. Are you up for a challenge?! We're challenging teachers and students to start their own running programs too!

Check out the Challenge Page and get started!!! Share your stories with or so we can get others inspired!!!