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Extraordinary Acts

impossible2Possible has a mission of educating and inspiring with an end result of EMPOWERING young people to complete their own Extraordinary Acts. This is your opportunity to help i2P do some incredible work that will have life changing qualities. This is your chance to do something truly EXTRAORDINARY!

In 2010 the i2P Youth Ambassador team that completed the Running Tunisia Expedition teamed with students in classrooms across North America in an "Extraordinary Acts" effort to raise enough money for 2 water projects in Africa. Just months ago, four Youth Ambassadors trekked through the Amazon and partnered with thousands of students in an awesome fundraising effort to construct a school in the region of the Amazon that we visited.

With Chemistry as the educational theme to the upcoming Expedition Bolivia, impossible2Possible (i2P) will be challenging students to stay consistent with this theme and produce a project within their class subjects - individually or in groups.

This time creating extraordinary content from your classroom is the challenge!

Lets Get Started!

  1. A variety of class subjects - The Arts, Business Studies, World Studies, Languages, Computer & Technology, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, and much more. Can you incorporate a Chemistry theme into your subject?
  2. Connect with your teammates - The Youth Ambassadors for the Expedition Bolivia are your best source for resources, media and content. Communicate with them for anything from photos, videos or information to use in your project.
  3. The possibilities are endless! - Your project can be anything from a lesson plan, an activity, podcast, video, ebook, drama play, painting, or a poem! Use your imagination and be creative.
  4. Publish your project - Send your finished project (photos, audio and/or videos) to us and we will upload it onto the i2P website!

IMPORTANT (Educators): What are you doing in your classrooms? How did the expedition excite your students and further engage them with classroom content? Document the process of your students creating their projects. Show us how you have incorporated i2P within your classrooms, and send your creative ideas to i2P in the form of photos and/or videos and we will showcase it alongside the student projects on our website.

The Big Idea

Students will have an opportunity to produce a project and have it published onto the i2P website. Just as satellite technology acts as our main connection for communication between Youth Ambassadors and students, the i2P website will act as a central depot of student-centered projects and resources, alongside with teacher ideas & testimonials. In the end, students will create their very own resource center of chemistry-themed projects ranging in all subject areas and medium sources for all to access.

Stay tuned and check back often for newly posted projects.