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Trainer John

Training and preparing for a i2P Youth Expedition requires dedication to a comprehensive training program. Youth Ambassadors are fortunate to have their own private trainer: John Zahab. With years of experience training athletes ranging from NHL hockey players to Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, John constructs a training program that the Youth Ambassadors follow. The Youth Ambassadors then have constant contact with John during the entire training process. John will accompany the Youth Ambassadors on their expedition and will assist Dr. Wells with his Science of the Run Program.

Here is a sneak peek of Youth Ambassador training material.

Youth Ambassador Training Plan

  • i2P Bolivia Pre-Strength Prep and Post Activity Flexibility
  • Strength/Stability Tracking Sheet
  • i2P Bolivia Pre-Strength Prep and Post Activity Flexibility

John's Training Videos

  • Hip Stability-Mobility Sequence

  • Cuban Press to Overhead Squat

  • Level 1- Vermont Pullup

  • Level 3 - Single Leg Squat

  • Level 3 - Elevated Mountain Climber to Push Up Hands on Ball