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i2P Youth Expedition's are documented as much as possible! From photographs, daily videos, education videos and live videoconferencing into classrooms - that's a lot of content! MVS has provided us with satellite technology, which enables us to upload daily content to the websites, communicate to the team back at home, and have live videoconferences into classrooms all over the world! In essence, the technology that MVS has provided allows us to bring the expedition into the classroom and the classrooms out on the expedition! Thank you MVS!!

Canada Goose has been a huge supporter in Ray Zahab's expeditions, and in the i2P Youth Expeditions! Their gear is simply the best on the planet, especially on extreme expeditions! i2P is very fortunate to have Canada Goose on board. Thank you team CG!!

One of the most important pieces of equipment on an i2P Youth Expedition is an iPhone combined with the DeLorme inReach device! This combination allows the Youth Ambassadors to navigate their way through the expedition, share their every step on a website map through live tracking and even connect to Twitter & Facebook using the DeLorme EarthMate App!

On i2P Youth Expeditions, there's a lot of running around on technical terrain, which includes daily logistics, gathering educational & expedition content and hauling a lot of gear! Whether training at home, running on his own expeditions, or on an i2P Youth Expedition, Ray Zahab trusts inov-8 shoes for their protection, light weight and durability!

As the i2P Youth Ambassadors make their way through the expedition, the support crew has to keep up with them in documenting footage and providing that to classrooms around the world! Often the team will be shooting video & snapping photos, and then immediately stopping to edit the content. iSkin covers help protect the team's iPhones, MacBooks and other film equipment from the wind, dust and harsh elements of the Kalahari Desert & Makgadikgadi Pans!

i2P Co-Founder Bob Cox and Youth Ambassador Nansen Weber demonstrate how well the Mountain Hardwear Hydration Pack has been working for the Botswana Youth Ambassadors! With several pockets & compartments, plenty of room for fluids, lots of ventilation, and adjustable straps, these hydration packs make long-distance running much more comfortable, especially running a marathon per day in the Kalahari Desert!

On a typical i2P Youth Expedition there will be several MacBooks, iPhones, satellite phones, and of course the BGAN satellite system. All of this equipment is used to capture & edit content, upload it and sent it back to home base. With the help of Goal Zero equipment, i2P is able to harness the power of solar energy to power the expedition equipment, which allows i2P to develop and send daily content! Thank you Goal Zero for your support!

i2P Youth Expeditions often take place in some of the world's most extreme locales! The extreme conditions associated with these areas of the world require the very best protection! As the i2P Youth Ambassadors make their way through these expeditions, they wear Oakley gear to protect their eyes from any harmful conditions!