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Linking Extraordinary Expeditions with the Classroom

There is a sense of adventure in everyone; a yearning to step beyond the commonplace and routine. The impossible2Possible (i2P) Education Program is an interactive and free adventure-based learning program that uses the theatre of adventure to build unique and educational expeditions. i2P believes that learning can be made more meaningful by placing it in the context of extraordinary experience. Furthermore, knowledge is continuously gained through both personal and environmental experience. Combining concrete lessons with abstract learning is an educational philosophy that i2P embraces, called Experiential Learning.

Touted as "21st Century learning" and "truly groundbreaking" by Apple Distinguished Educators, our Experiential Learning programs allow school children to interact with expedition Youth Ambassadors, tying real-life adventure & standard curriculum with live video conferencing into classrooms. By using interactive technology and enlisting the active participation of students, i2P takes experiential learning to another level by bringing the expedition into the classroom and the classroom onto the expedition, providing a two-way street of communication; a portal into the real world.

With each new expedition, and new education topic, the i2P team strives to push boundaries of the Experiential Learning Programs by introducing new and innovative ways of engaging students. i2P has now provided free interactive education resources to tens of thousands of students from countries all over the world during expeditions to Antarctica, Chile, the Arctic, Siberia, North Africa, the Amazon Jungle, the Bolivian Salar de Uyuni, and India.

We invite you to join us now in Botswana and participate in this curriculum titled Water and its Effect on Human Development and Biodiversity.