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Additional Resources


To supplement your journey through the captivating Curriculum, daily videos & photos, and the Q&A's & live videoconferencing with the Youth Ambassadors, we have provided you with these additional resources! You will be learning about the essential need for water and food by all living organisms, the costs associated with delivering drinking water to communities around the world, and how quality of life is affected directly and indirectly by access or lack there of, to clean drinking water. We hope that these additional resources will help you produce your best work when submitting to Your Submissions! Good luck!

Challenge Based Learning Video Series

The Experiential Learning Program and accompanying Challenge Based Learning projects have proven extremely successful for teachers and students alike. Once again i2P is integrating the unique Challenge Based Learning component to support the educational theme of Water. Challenge Based Learning engages student curiosity & imagination by embracing powerful technologies and real-world context. Students take on a self-directed role and are challenged to create innovative solutions in solving real-world problems. Click the links below to learn more about Challenge Based Learning.

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Botswana, General Background Information

Multiple Selected Topics on the Okavango Delta

Water Issues in Botswana

The Kavango Basin

The Bushmen

Water Issues in Botswana

Water Management Challenges in Botswana

Peoples of the Kalahari

The Bushmen, mining and development issues

Protecting the Bushmen

Wildlife of Botswana

The Kalahari Today: A Case of Conflict over Resource Use

Resilient or Vulnerable Livelihoods? Assessing Livelihood Dynamics and Trajectories in Rural Botswana

Peoples of the Okavango Delta

Tourism, development and protection

Biological Assessment of the Aquatic Ecosystems of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango Delta Floods