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i2P Expedition Africa2012 - we(e)press: Engaging Youth, Supporting Education

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Our Friends at we(e)press strongly believe in quality education. So much so that they committed 100% of the proceeds of their latest fiction book- a special edition, Heart's Halo to the Youth Team going on Expedition Africa! Once again, in an exciting and compelling way we(e)press and their team have creatively woven math, science and adventure together in a fun read!

Supporting Education and Literacy

we(e)press is a social enterprise. we(e) are a publisher of globally-themed children's books. Our books are published royalty free, with all proceeds funding education and literacy projects in Africa.

Today, there are over 65 million children without access to a primary education. we(e) has partnered with (i2P) to help give youth who want to fix this discrepancy with a way to do just that. Buying a we(e)press book not only supports literacy here at home, but readers can feel good knowing that all proceeds from their book purchase will help bring literacy to kids in the developing world too!

we(e)press proudly supports i2P and the Youth Ambassadors of Expedition Africa. There they'll learn firsthand about one of the key challenges to Universal Primary Education: the critical nature of clean water for everyone.

we(e) think education is a game changer and the key to sustainability. And we(e) think literacy is a gift; one we should all receive.

Active Countries: selling books in US/Canada to support projects in Africa.
Books sold: 4000+
Donations CODE literacy programs: $10,000 (becomes $40k with CIDA match!)

Supporting Youth Adventure

JOURNEY TO HART'S HALO is an epic adventure tale, set in space. Through the eyes of our teen protagonist, Davey Randolph, his technology-soaked sci-fi world will has kids (of all ages) dreaming of adventure, while learning about math, science … even global issues.

impossible2Possible's Botswana expedition will be an epic adventure, set to test the strength and spirit of the Youth Ambassador, while learning about water, social enterprise and global citizenship.

Through Hart's Halo's setting and puzzles, as well as real space science and new quantum physics from The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the story offers teachers the cross-curricular material they are looking for to bridge literacy science and math. We're working with teachers and building curriculum support to help them use Hart's Halo in the classroom. Check out our learning resources at Journey to Hart's Halo is available at:

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