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Beginning June 23, Canadian Adventurer and impossible2Possible (i2P) Founder Ray Zahab and his 'Running the Sahara' teammate, Kevin Lin, will attempt to run 2,300km across the Gobi Desert in approximately 35 days!

Mongolia is the least densely populated country on earth, and is also the world's second-largest landlocked country. The plan is to run 70-80 km a day across the Gobi Desert, to experience, share and learn about the culture of the nomadic people, the environment and all of the beauty and the challenges of the Gobi Desert. The expedition will be shared live via website, live tracking and live videoconferencing.

The duo expects to meet up only once or twice a day with their support team, where they will replenish their water and food and upload video blogs of their experiences. If they miss the drop or their crew, they'll be camping in the desert with the emergency supplies that they carry on their backs.

Along the way, the two men will encounter giant sand dunes, rare archaeological sites, and even dinosaur bones as they battle searing heat, fierce sandstorms, and endless fatigue while running directly into the ferocious and constant winds that whip down from the Altai Mountains. Crossing into China from Mongolia will have its own set of challenges, and likely the team will have to do a 700 km round trip to get their passports stamped so that they can go back to the point of crossing in the desert.

Ray's recent adventures have included several youth-based programs through the organization he founded, impossible2Possible (i2P). Youth participate in running expeditions and share curriculum with schools during their adventures- all over the globe. The programs are 100% free. On the Gobi expedition, Ray and his team will be collecting video footage, photos and interviews that will be made available to students in the coming school year in advance of the next i2P Youth expedition to Peru with the theme of biodiversity. The story of desertification in the Gobi will be shared via live videoconferencing, and available post-expedition for free download. There will as well be a live website to follow, and schools will be able to download all footage for free following the expedition. Along their journey, Ray and Kevin will take inspiration from the young adventurers on our i2P Youth Expeditions. In the Gobi, they'll bring their energy and enthusiasm with them!

About impossible2Possible

impossible2Possible's (i2P) mission is to use the platform of adventure and technology to educate, inspire, and empower the global community to reach beyond their perceived limits and make positive change in the world. i2P adventures are designed to transport students to remote and contrasting locales around the world. To date, i2P has seen young adventurers trek among glaciers containing millions of litres of water in the Canadian Arctic, across the desolate sands of the Sahara, through the dense and lush jungle of the Amazon, traversing portions of the Bolivian salt flats into the mountainous Altiplano, venturing through the vast & expansive Thar Desert, explore the Kalahari & Makgadikgadi regions of Botswana, and have dug into the breathtaking geological wonders of Southern Utah! As with all i2P Youth Expeditions, the team will push themselves beyond any perceived physical and mental boundaries they have ever placed upon themselves to discover that they are truly capable of achieving the impossible. All i2P Youth Expeditions are 100% free.

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