i2P Expeditions

A series of unique adventures featuring both world-class athletes and Youth Ambassadors, exploring socially and environmentally sensitive regions. These dramatic adventures become the backdrop for a robust experiential learning program, a live website that is a two way street of communication for classrooms, and a way to transport students from around the world into the remotest destinations on the planet.

Inspiration, Education & Empowerement

The i2P Expeditions are just the beginning of what we do at impossible2Possible. Before and after each expedition the i2P team and Youth Ambassadors continue to engage youth, students and adults alike on speaking tours where our mission and message are spread before and the lessons we learned during are shared after. i2P leverages these expeditions as a platform to engage and inspire youth to the i2P philosophy that we are all capable of the extraordinary in our lives.

The heart of every expedition is the elements of Experiential Learning, communication/participation, cultural celebration and social/environmental awareness. We advocate a message of global interconnection. i2P is preparing the world’s youth to be our future leaders and to take an active role in the world they live in today. The youth of today hold the keys to a positive tomorrow.

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Our Expeditions


Engage young people by inviting them to participate online through live websites – and in the case of our Youth Expeditions – active participation. To provide students and teachers with educational resource material that is both relevant and informative. To create a media presence that is inspiring, entertaining, and raises awareness of social/environmental. These expeditions will also provide a platform for schools who wish to engage in an Extraordinary Acts program. Each adventure will serve as the ultimate model for socially responsible expeditions, inspiring the adventurer in all people and teach them to always challenge their perceived limitations.

All Expedition expenses are covered for Youth Ambassadors participating and all i2P Experiential Learning Programs are delivered free of charge to schools and students around the world.

Ray’s expeditions are self funded in whole.