Youth Expeditions

Inspired by our founder's expeditions, Youth Expeditions are created to engage youth through active participation in expeditions in which they push the mental and physical limits of what they perceive as possible.

The Experience

The Youth Expedition program enables youth to experience some of the world's most beautiful, inspiring, and remote locations. During these expeditions Youth Ambassadors utilize the latest technologies to communicate with classrooms and students all over the world - sharing their experiences and inspiring their peers.

Youth Ambassadors learn to reach beyond their perceived limits. Also, by learning through direct experience and service, these young leaders will be credible ambassadors; capable of inspiring and leading their peers to have positive impacts in the global community.

i2P creates seemingly impossible adventures in socially and environmentally sensitive regions around the world. Once the destination is announced the i2P team will immediately open the application process to young people between the ages of 17-21. Candidates will complete the on-line application, then sign and fax appropriate waivers. Once the selection process has been completed, i2P will announce the Youth Ambassadors team for the expedition. All i2P adventures will fit the i2P adventure definition and i2P will subsidize all costs for these Youth Ambassadors.

Completed Expeditions

Share Canada Tour

May 2017 - Details ↓

Death Valley

September 2016 - Details ↓

Expedition Greece

May 2015 - Details ↓

Expedition Lost Coast

November 2014 - Details ↓

Expedition Atacama

May 2014 - Details ↓

Expedition Peru

November 2013 - Details ↓

Expedition Utah

May 2013 - Details ↓

Expedition Africa

Oct-Nov 2012 - Details ↓

Expedition India

Nov-Dec 2011 - Details ↓

Expedition Bolivia

May 2011 - Details ↓

Expedition Amazon

October 2010 - Details ↓

Expedition Tunisia

April 2010 - Details ↓

Expedition Baffin Island

September 2009 - Details ↓


#shareCanadaTour - May 2017

A team of six international Youth Ambassadors embarked on a mind-blowing, limit-pushing, life-altering 13-day cross-country tour of Canada in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday! Their mission? Run, explore, create and share all the amazing experiences Rogers has brought to life for them on their extraordinary journey across some of Canada’s most iconic destinations.

Expedition Death Valley - September 2016

For the 12th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series, a Youth Ambassador team will travel to a place recognized as the hottest place on earth. Death Valley, CA is indeed known for its heat, but the beauty, history, and array of extreme geographical features make this unique location perfect for the i2P Experience Based Learning Program. The i2P educational program offered free to schools will focus on the history, mystery, and geography of this natural wonder.

Expedition Greece - May 2015

For the 11th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series a Youth Ambassador team travelled to a place steeped in history and culture. Greece, with all of its wonder and beauty was the setting of an epic journey where the i2P Youth Ambassador team ran a marathon per day for 7 consecutive days! This limit pushing adventure tested their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educate,d Inspired, and Empowered thousands of students around the world!

Expedition Lost Coast - November 2014

For the 10th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series a Youth Ambassador team will venture to a remote and unforgiving region of the planet that is known for its majestic beauty. The Lost Coast is the most undeveloped region of the California coast. The combination of beauty and rugged terrain is an incredible setting for the i2P youth ambassador team to push their mental and physical limits.This unsupported journey will test their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educate, Inspire, and Empower thousands of students around the world!

Expedition Atacama - May 2014

The i2P youth team re-traced part of Ray’s expedition and ran an average of a marathon per day for six consecutive days! The challenge tested their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educated, Inspired, and Empowered thousands of students around the world!The theme of the Spring 2014 i2P youth expedition to Chile’s Atacama Desert is the “Origins of the Universe”. During the expedition i2P considered how the universe was formed, what the basic building blocks of life are, and if there is life on other planets.

Expedition Peru - November 2013

The 8th stop in the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series was Peru. The route for the i2P Expedition Peru was one of the most bio-diverse on the planet, crossing 11,000 feet in elevation, from the high Andes plateau to the bountiful ecosystem of the Amazonian jungle in Manu National Park. Starting on November 5th 2013, a team of five Youth Ambassadors ran a marathon per day for 6 consecutive days! As the elevation changed over the course of their journey the i2P team travelled through one of the richest gradients of ecosystems on the planet.

Expedition Utah - May 2013

From May 12-19, 2013, impossible2Possible (i2P) hosted an expedition to the state of Utah, which combined a team of world-class adventurers with Youth Ambassadors. They ran upwards of a marathon per day, joining educators and scientists to study "Earth Science and the Rise of Dinosaurs"! Live video conferencing, live website brought the expedition into classrooms, and classrooms onto the expedition from around the world!The i2P team had the rare opportunity to visit the interior of The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM) located in Southern Utah. The monument was dedicated in 1996 and encompasses 1.9 million acres of unparalleled beauty, a geologic history that spans over 270 million years, where over 20 news species of dinosaurs have been discovered in the last decade.

Expedition Africa - October-November 2012

In October 2012, the impossible2Possible (i2P) Youth Ambassador team went back to the incredible continent of Africa! On this adventure, 8 Youth Ambassadors (aged 17-21) joined Ray Zahab and fellow i2P adventurers, teachers and doctors on the journey of their lives as they ran across some of the most beautiful regions in the Republic of Botswana - a country of 2 million people that is located just north of South Africa. Most of the country is covered by the Kalahari Desert, which is currently thirsting and starved by drought. The educational topic for this project is water, where students from around the world have their eyes opened to our most precious resource.

Expedition India - November-December 2011

In November, the impossible2Possible (i2P) Youth Ambassador team traveled to Rajasthan, the largest state of the Republic of India. The 5th stage of the i2P World Expedition Series (W.E.S.) ventured through the region of the Thar Desert - also known as the "Great Indian Desert". It is the world's seventh largest and one of the most inhospitable deserts on the planet. The Thar Desert is known for three distinct regions, the Thar - with Sand dunes eclipsing 150 meters, the plains, and the Aravalli range - with peaks topping 1700 meters. Four Youth Ambassadors joined Ray Zahab, and fellow i2P adventurers, teachers and doctors on a 7-day running expedition covering up to 290 kilometers through the vast & expansive Thar Desert, near the northwestern edge of India. Youth Ambassadors ran an average of a marathon per day for one week in a quest to experience this incredible country and communicate their adventure with youth all over the world. This diverse and contrasting landscape ensured that this i2P Youth Expedition will be the toughest to date, and required incredible preparation to guarantee a successful expedition.

Expedition Bolivia - May 2011

In May 2011 impossible2Possible visited the mountain nation of Bolivia, to run across the world's largest salt flats and celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. Bolivia is a landlocked country that boasts a rich diversity of cultures, languages, flora and fauna. While to the North-East, Bolivia features a lush tropical basin that feeds the headwaters of the Amazon River, South-Western Bolivia is very dry and situated on a high plateau that straddles the Andes mountains. Nestled high on this plateau among volcanoes and lakes is the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats in the world. The Salar de Uyuni is home to ten billion tons of salt, and more than half of the world's lithium reserves. Five Youth Ambassadors were selected to join Ray Zahab, and fellow i2P adventurers in a running expedition across the salt flats. Youth Ambassadors ran 201 km, and communicated live with students all over the world. Dr. George Agnes and Dr. Greg Wells conducted live experiments that rounded out i2P's finest Experiential Learning Program to date!

Expedition Amazon - October 2010

Amazon Expedition 2010 was by far our most involved expedition and experiential learning program. The result of all the hard work was an absolutely fascinating experience to one of the most mystical and wondrous places on the planet. This expedition offered something that few people on the planet will ever get to experience and we were honored to include all of the students and supporters that followed along throughout the journey!

Expedition Tunisia - April 2010

Four Youth Ambassadors were selected to join Ray Zahab, Bob Cox, Dr. Ewan Affleck and fellow i2P Ambassadors and Adventurers in a run across a region of the Sahara. The i2P Youth Ambassadors ran a distance 260+ km over 7 days through searing heat and massive sand dunes in a quest to cross the country, while pushing their own perceived physical and mental limitations.

Expedition Baffin Island - September 2009

Five Youth Ambassadors, selected from applicants all across North America, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - hiking, eating, and sleeping amongst sweeping glaciers, polar ice and jagged granite mountains in the heart of Canada's Arctic, pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits, as Youth Ambassadors in the impossible2Possible (i2P) Baffin Island trek.