Death Valley Youth Expedition: New Educational Aspects

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NEW EDUCATIONAL ASPECTS! For this i2P Youth Expedition, the team will be utilizing the impossible2Possible Facebook Page, and all of the Facebook tools available to share this expedition as it unfolds!!! We are very excited to experiment with the latest modes of communication through social media. Please note that post expedition, all modules will be available on this website Teachers!!! To send responses to the Youth Ambassador team for Classroom Activities, and if you cannot access Facebook, please contact Jordan at! Please feel free to post your responses & questions in the comment sections as well for any Death Valley Education Notes! Responses from classrooms throughout the expedition will be added to our interactive Classroom National Parks Map!

For the 12th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series, a Youth Ambassador team will travel to a place recognized as the hottest place on earth. Death Valley, CA is indeed known for its heat, but the beauty, history, and array of extreme geographical features make this unique location perfect for the i2P Experience Based Learning Program. The i2P educational program offered free to schools will focus on the history, mystery, and geography of this natural wonder.