i2P Running Tunisia 2010

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This second stage of the i2P World Expedition Series was on the same platform as the 2009 Baffin Island Youth Expedition, but in a dramatically contrasting locale – the northern Sahara Desert in Tunisia. On the heels of the Siberian Express for Water Expedition, in April 2010, four Youth Ambassadors were selected to join Ray Zahab, along with fellow i2P ambassadors and adventurers, in this homage to ‘Running the Sahara’. Youth ambassadors ran for 7 days – and a total of 260+ km – through searing heat, salt pans and sand dunes in a quest to cross a section of the Sahara, while pushing their own physical and mental limitations. Over 8,500 students followed their journey and participated in a live interactive website that was a two-way street of communication, and participated in fundraising efforts for 2 water projects in Africa.

Visit: RunningTunisia.com !