What a Year !

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What an amazing year for impossible2Possible Youth Ambassadors and their thousands of teammates in classrooms all over the world!

In spring 2010, i2P Youth Ambassadors inspired us all by running over 260km in a little over 1 week across Tunisia in the sands of the Sahara. In October, 4 Youth Ambassadors trekked over 100km through dense Amazon. Both expeditions connected to thousands of students in classrooms around the world- streaming live video, and discussed topics such as clean water and biodiversity via i2P’s Experiential/Exploratory Learning Programs. Students responded through the Extraordinary Acts program by raising $30,000 for 2 water projects in Africa, and so far over $11,000 to construct a school in the region of Amazon that Jess, Bridget, Sierra and Isaiah visited. Just wait till you see what Youth Ambassadors will be doing in 2011 !